ACAMS FinTech Safety Check: Assessing and Addressing FinTech’s AFC and Sanctions Challenges

Fintech Safety Checks


Join online on September 28 to attend ACAMS Webinar on Fintech Safety Check. Money launderers, terrorists, and sanctions evaders will continue to leverage advanced technology and methodologies to launder illicit proceeds and pursue criminal activities. It’s a particularly relevant issue for the thousands of FinTech platforms around the world, which are rapidly reinventing modern financial ecosystems. FinTech AML officers are at the crossroads — balancing the need for strong AFC/AML discipline in a fast-growing industry that prizes innovation. This webinar will analyze the best practices for managing multiple AFC and sanctions risks from a FinTech perspective.

Learning Objectives :

  • Outlining the various business models within the FinTech sector to delineate the unique risks facing the industry’s individual sub-sectors
  • Detailing best practices and controls for managing multiple AFC and sanctions compliance programs within FinTech entities
  • Overcoming the compliance challenges facing FinTech organizations such as discordant global regulatory requirements and third-party risks in countries with lax oversight
Venue Name
Online Webinar
Date & Time
09-28-2022 12:00 PM - 09-28-2022 2:00 PM


Sarah Beth Felix
Robin Garrison
Frederick Reynolds
Laurel Loomis Rimon