Best Practices/Insights for Dealers in Virtual Currencies In Canada



Most Dealers in Virtual Currencies (DiVC) in Canada now have had a full year’s experience under the Proceeds of Crime, Money Laundering, and Terrorist Finance Act and associated regulations (PCMLTFA/R). At that time, DiVCs had to navigate this new world as administered by FINTRAC. Sometimes on their own, with the assistance of others, and most likely some seasoned veterans within the AML/CTF community in Canada. As we embark on the second year, new insights will surely be gleaned as more examinations and maturity starts to sprout or blossom amongst the DiVC community. To this end, the Canadian MSB community has been honoured with an inside view from some of the most seasoned veterans In Canada today! Participants will be guided through strategies for “Reasonable Measures, Transaction Monitoring/Controls, and Best Practices” related to DiVC in Canada. Join us as Rodney MacInnes(Outliers), Giles Dixon(Bitfinex), Charlene Cieslik (local coin), Marcelle Dadoun (theAMLshop, Peter Morcos(Reliance Compliance), Paul Burak (Shakepay), and Joseph Iuso (Bitbuy). So, don’t miss your chance to learn and ask questions!

Venue Name
Date & Time
06-23-2022 1:00 PM - 08-23-2022 3:00 PM