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As global policy makers continue to build legal and regulatory frameworks for cryptocurrency, compliance professionals at cryptocurrency businesses and financial institutions are working to ensure that they are building robust policies and procedures to mitigate the risks of fraud and financial crime.

In this TRM Talk, we’ll look at today's key issues and challenges for compliance teams in the digital asset space, including:

- Key differences between traditional (fiat) currencies versus cryptocurrencies when it comes to AML policies and procedures
- How to assess sanctions exposure — direct and indirect — in an increasingly complex geopolitical time
- How to manage risk for areas in which there is no regulatory guidance, including engaging with DeFi platforms and liquidity pools

On June 23, we’ll delve into these and other questions with an all-star crypto compliance panel, including Alfarida Mohammed , Senior Vice President of Compliance at FTX.US, Brandi Reynolds, Managing Director of the Bates Group, Jamal El-Hindi, Counsel at Clifford Chance and former Deputy Director of FinCEN, and Thomas Armstrong, Compliance Advisory at TRM and former Head of Financial Crime Compliance Digital Assets at Goldman Sachs.

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Date & Time
06-23-2022 11:00 AM - 06-23-2022 12:00 PM


Jamal El-Hindi, Counsel at Clifford Chance
Alfarida Mohammed, Senior Vice President of Compliance at FTX.US
Brandi Reynolds, Managing Director of AML & Compliance at Bates Group
Tom Armstrong, Compliance Advisor at TRM Labs
Ari Redbord (moderator), Head of Legal and Government Affairs, TRM Labs