Dealing with Clients in High-Risk Sectors


TCAE is excited to invite Matt McGuire, Co-Founder and Practice Leader of The AML Shop, to share his insights on the topic ‘Dealing with Clients in High-Risk Sectors’. Finance Canada, FinCEN and the FATF have acknowledged that financial exclusion of businesses has been a pervasive unintended consequence of anti-money laundering measures. Financial exclusion has led to alternative financial services arrangements outside of which exacerbate the perceived anti-money laundering risks associated with certain sectors – even where those risks don’t apply uniformly across them.    

This session will explore the key sectors for which there is apparent consensus about high risk, the factors that contribute to that risk, and how financial institutions with mature compliance programs can monitor and manage those risks. 

This Knowledge Series session is proudly sponsored by MNP who have been avid supporters of TCAE since its inception.


  • Understanding of the evolution of financial exclusion as an unintended consequence of international AML measures, and its harms
  • Knowledge of key high-risk sectors, and contributing factor
  • Upper-range practices for high-risk business risk assessment and management


Matt McGuire  |  Co-Founder and Practice Leader, The AML Shop

Matt McGuire is an internationally recognized expert in anti-money laundering, counter-terrorist financing and sanctions compliance, and leads the advisory practice team at The AML Shop. He has been assisting governments and financial services companies to assess and reduce financial crime and related regulatory risks for fifteen years.

Matt is a Chartered Professional Accountant and has been inducted as a Fellow of CPA Ontario, is certified as an Anti-Money Laundering Specialist and Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator, and accredited as an Anti-Money Laundering Professional, and Certified in Financial Forensics.

Matthew has been qualified as an expert witness in forensic accounting and money laundering, has testified before Senate committees, Parliamentary Committees and the Cullen Commission of Inquiry into money laundering.


Thamecia Bullard  |  Senior Analyst, Ernst & Young

Thamecia Bullard has nearly 10 years of financial crime experience working at one of the Big Four banks and at a medium sized regional bank. Thamecia, has worked as an Identity and Transactional Fraud Investigator. And as an Anti-Money Laundering Analyst conducting alert level and case level reviews including SAR filings and other complex investigations. She also spent some time being a Team Lead, Subject Matter Expert (SME), and is currently employed at Ernst & Young.

Aside from working complex investigations, Thamecia is also an AML trainer and speaker at various events. As part of her prior roles, Thamecia has become adept in utilizing open source intelligence for financial investigations. In July 2020, Thamecia created and launched a free resourceful website for AML investigators, “Financial Crimes Research Links” which contains quick links and research options for financial crimes analysts.

Thamecia has been a TCAE Volunteer since August 2020 and is committed to contributing to the financial crimes and compliance community.