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    Combat the Cybercrime Pandemic in FinSec with a Cyber Assessment


    Cyber assessments are a regulatory requirement for the financial sector. The WEF, ECB and G7 are among the entities underpinning the importance of performing a risk based cyber assessment holistically across the enterprise and supply chain. They all agree that making intelligent based risk decisions requires understanding certain KRI’s (Key Risk Indicators) such as the inherent cyber risk level so that the “proportionality principle” of controls can be understood. Keys to success include collaborating with key stakeholders and going “beyond spreadsheets” “consultants. opinions” and empowering those that “know the business”. This invite only “lunch’n’learn” session is a follow up to the success of our global webinar “Managing Cyber Risk in the Financial Sector”. In this virtual workshop, we will outline the critical aspects and methodologies to performing a regulatory-level cyber risk assessment on a financial sector of any size or complexity. We will go beyond that and illustrate how to develop a roadmap based on findings that is aligned with the business strategy. After we outline the key principles, methodologies and “what good looks like” – we will showcase our multi-award winning Regtech solution CyberPrism and illustrate how easy it is for “measure and manage” cyber risk across your enterprise. The workshop will conclude with an interactive Q&A session.


    Jun 22 2021


    8:00 am - 9:00 am




    Cyber Risk International Ltd.