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    Compliance that Works: Partner Session

    Compliance that Works

    About this event

    Often when we initially work with firms, we will work with the Compliance Partners, the MLROs, MLCOs, COLPs, COFAs and DPOs. Some firms will also have Compliance Managers, or teams who keep the compliance function in the firm going. When we ask those Compliance Partners “How did you get this role?” believe or not, sometimes they tell us, they were nominated while they were on holiday! But honestly the Partners involved in compliance are usually interested in it and want to do a great job. But when we ask “what frustrates you about compliance in your firm?” most of the time, we get the same answer. “People won’t do what we ask them to do”.   Our Compliance That Works process aims to change that, and one critical part of that is ensuring that all the leaders in the firm understand how important compliance is. Not just to protect the firm from the wrath of the Regulator, but more importantly, to ensure great client service, and happy staff. Early on in our Sorted service, we run a session for the Partners in the firm to explain how they are all in it together, and for compliance to work, everyone needs to be on the same page and frankly, comply!


    May 13 2021


    9:00 am - 10:00 am


    Teal Compliance


    Teal Compliance