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    Consumer Protection: Hot Topics in Digital Finance

    Join us for critical conversations on three hot issues in emerging financial services. We’ve gathered thought leaders from all corners of the money ecosystem to discuss consumer financial data permissioning, cryptocurrencies and new forms of lending. Is innovation bad for consumers? You’ll hear from academics, advocates, business leaders, and regulators about the benefits of new technology and how we can create a marketplace where fair financial services predominate. Panel 1: Consumer Financial Data: Securing Consumers’ 1033 Rights Section 1033 of the Dodd-Frank Act provides for consumer rights to access the financial information companies collect and hold about them. While data access can have real benefits for consumers, it can also pose risks if done without adequate safeguards. Join us for a conversation about how to secure these important rights! Panel 2: Crypto, Exchanges and Wallets: What’s the right approach to regulation? Bitcoin emerged during the last financial crisis and has been having a moment during this one. But bitcoin is just one of the hundreds of cryptocurrencies. How do these digital assets fit – or not – into our current financial services systems? What is the promise of this new technology? What is the appropriate approach to insure systemic integrity and consumer protection? Experts tackle these questions and more in this session. Panel 3: Innovative funding or predatory loans in sheep’s clothing? Exploring new forms of lending Looking for a new way to finance your education? Or maybe trying to make a large purchase with an installment plan from an online retailer? Need to tap your paycheck early? There are new products to meet each of these desires – income share agreements, point of service loans, and early wage access. But how do these products fit in the larger lending landscape? Advocates, industry and regulators will discuss what they are doing to make these products work.

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    Sep 25 2021


    1:00 pm - 4:00 pm