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    Counterproliferation Finance: Challenges and Current Issues in the Hunt for Weapons of Mass Destruction

    Complimentary webinar The first in a five-part series focuses on counter-proliferation financing risks.

    Of all the many challenges in the financial crime arena, the hunt for financial footprints tied to weapons of mass destruction has emerged as one of the most critically important. Though related to money laundering and terrorist financing, proliferation financing presents its own unique set of issues. In the wrong hands, widely used consumer goods can become raw materials for explosives, chemical arms, or the components of nuclear weapons. A lack of awareness means that some financial institutions are not looking carefully for transactions tied to proliferation financing – If they are looking at all. Recent events related to North Korea have only made the subject more pressing. In this webinar, an expert on proliferation financing examines the current risk landscape and gives insights on areas of risk tied to dual-use goods. The presentation will cover:
    • The essentials of counter-proliferation financing
    • Key areas of risk for proliferation finance, including trade finance and dual-use goods
    • The role that financial institutions can play in detecting and preventing financial flows tied to WMDs
    • And more


    May 26 2021


    11:00 am - 12:00 pm