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    Cryptocurrency and Human Trafficking

    Cryptocurrency and Human Trafficking


    TCAE is so excited to invite Beth Bisbee – Head of US Investigations at Chainalysis Inc., Seth Sattler – BSA Officer at DigitalMint, Adrienne Vickery – Cryptocurrency Coordinator at Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and Larry Cameron – Chief Information Security Officer at Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative (ATII) to share their insights on the best practices for identifying and deterring transactions related to human trafficking in the cryptocurrency space. This panel, moderated by Fara Fallah – Compliance Consultant at Bitfinex, will help identify key suspicious indicators for potential human trafficking activity that involves Virtual Asset Service Providers and traditional financial institutions. The session aims to build awareness around typologies that traditional banking and crypto investigators can consider, as well as emerging trends since the onset of the COVID pandemic. This Knowledge Series roundtable session is proudly sponsored by Chainalysis and MNP – two avid partners and supporters of TCAE. Learning Outcomes
    • Key identifiers of transactions related to human trafficking via the cryptocurrency space
    • Best ways to differentiate identifiers for various forms of human trafficking – e.g. forced labour, sex trafficking, exploitation content, organ trafficking, child marriage, debt bondage, etc.
    • How the red flags and monitoring strategies vary between different cryptocurrency platform types – exchange, crypto ATM machines, DeFi, NFTs, GameFi etc.
    • Current best practices implemented by leading entities to deter such transactions
    • Ideal ways to partner with law enforcement and other local & international entities to prevent the victimization of the vulnerable
    • Determine the loose ends and challenges of the current practices, and explore potential improvement methods


    Sep 25 2021


    10:00 am - 11:15 am





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