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    Customer Due Diligence and Crime Rings: It’s Time to Break the Chain

    Complimentary webinar, presented by NICE Actimize

    So you’ve onboarded a customer… now what? Conventional fraud and AML tools notoriously generate a high number of false positives – often times over 95 percent. With digital account opening and banking here to stay, financial crime analysts face an unmanageable backlog of alerts. Even as analysts work harder, it’s still challenging to prevent fraud and money laundering activity, especially when it’s perpetrated by organized crime rings that know how to game systems. Machine-learning technologies are one part of the solution. They enable fraud and AML teams to not only improve operational costs, but also give FIs the ability to improve the customer experience with fewer false positives and less friction. In turn, this allows staff to focus on detecting criminal activity rather than low-risk customers. In this webinar, learn about best practices in improving customer due diligence and detecting crime rings using:
    • How to improve transaction alert investigations and outcomes through unifying case management
    • How to see the bigger picture between seemingly unconnected customers and businesses through human and AI-powered entity link analysis
    • Benefits of centralizing data intelligence and the practical, tactical steps to make it happen


    May 27 2021


    1:00 pm - 2:00 pm