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    Join the Cyber Industry- Become the Solution!

    Did you know women only make up about 20% of the cyber security industry?

    It is International Women’s day today and for over 10 years the ICTTF has openly pushed the diversity issue in the cyber security industry and thankfully there are now a lot more people also talking about it BUT we believe it’s time to do more and take action. So it is with great pride and due to the great work of the team at ICTTF, that we are able to announce our latest initiative. – “Cyber Security Bootcamp for Women”
    This 30 day program will be delivered remotely around the world and the purpose is to bring women into the cyber security industry from other professions.
    Our mission is to bring at least 1,000 women into the industry in 2021 but it can be a lot more with your help.  Simply spread the word! The program is completely free and open to women from any industry outside of the cyber security industry at any stage of their career. So if you have been thinking about it, now is your chance to help defeat cyber evil.


    Apr 05 2021