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Europe’s New AML Regime Explained

About The Event

Join us on the AML Intelligence Boardroom Series with Keynote Speaker John Berrigan, Director General of Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union (FISMA), at the European Commission, as we discuss the EU’s new AML Authority (AMLA).
At this Roundtable event Mr Berrigan will discuss in detail the new Authority and the accompanying legislation. The Director General will participate in a Q&A. Mr Berrigan is the official in overall charge of Europe’s finance policy, including AML/CFT and this event will give attendees a vital insight into the EU’s new anti-money and counter terrorist financing regime and structures.
This will be the first opportunity to hear Mr Berrigan speak and explain in detail the plan and its effects for the European Union.
We are also delighted to be joined on July 22 by Jesper Berg, DG of Denmark’s FSA; Carolin Gardner, Acting Head of AML/CFT Unit at the European Banking Authority; and Vivienne Artz OBE, Chief Privacy Officer at the London Stock Exchange. Be sure of your place at this unmissable event with the top speakers and panelists as we learn more about the EU AML Authority, the Single Rule Book and the bloc’s plans for its national FIUs.