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    Event Fully Subscribed: Inside a criminal mind

    About the event

    A journey inside the mind of the corporate criminal. Why do organisations and people inside them engage in fraud and corruption? How can we stop them? In the next instalment of the KPMG Forensic Spotlight Trust Series, we invite you to join us for an exclusive look inside the mind of today’s corporate criminal.

    • Who is more likely to commit corporate crime and why do they do it?
    •  Are some people more likely to commit crime than others?
    • How can we reduce the likelihood of these people committing crime against your organisation?

    With the help of those charged with detecting, understanding and battling corporate crime, we will take this unique journey into the mind of the corporate criminal.

    Understanding the motivation of why employees commit crimes, often in the name of the organisation’s they serve, is critical to building an effective fraud and corruption compliance program.

    Oscar Williams Forensic Psychologist

    Oscar is a registered psychologist with extensive experience working with those who commit crime. Oscar’s forensic psychology career includes 8 years in various roles with the Department for Correctional Services where he was the Principal Clinician, Manager of Psychological Services and A/Director of the Sentence Management Unit. Over the course of his career Oscar has helped courts, parole boards and offender’s themselves understand why individuals commit crime, how likely they are to re-offend and the drivers of offending. Oscar now works in private practice and holds a Master of Psychology (Forensic) from the University of South Australia.

    Dean Mitchell, Partner, KPMG Forensic

    Dean started his career as a Detective with the NSW Police, where he spent 10 years investigating organised crime, corporate offending and other serious offences. He has spent countless hours sitting across the interview table from those charged with serious crimes, understanding why and how they committed their crimes. Since leaving law enforcement 13 years ago, Dean has specialised in battling corporate crime both in-house for the world’s largest technology company and now as a Partner with KPMG Forensic. He holds a Masters of Management and Bachelor of Investigations.

    Hosted by our National Forensic Leader Martin Dougall.


    Jul 15 2021


    8:30 pm - 9:30 pm




    Dean Mitchell