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    Financial Crime Compliance: Imperatives for the New Decade


    Understanding the broad impacts of financial crimes and the necessity of having effective and efficient anti-financial crime frameworks in place has assumed immense importance in recent times. It has also become more evident than ever before that financial institutions play a key role in the fight against financial crimes, and that by implementing appropriate frameworks they can ensure they are saving human lives, environment and the economy from the disastrous impacts of such crimes! The rising incidences and sophistication of frauds, money laundering and cybercrimes, coupled with the recent pandemic induced scams, has focused compliance professionals’ attention on making financial crime frameworks responsive and resilient in the face of an uncertain operating environment as we step into a new decade.
    In this session, global leaders will consider the compliance management challenges brought about by proliferation of financial crimes and rising Regulatory obligations, and how different parts of the industry are responding with organisational and technological innovations. We will hear from the experts about the future strategies the industry must adopt, what will be the key financial crime program fulcrum points, regulatory themes and how best to use technology and partnerships to achieve effectiveness riding on emerging digital RegTech solutions. Join us to explore the key ingredients of a future-proof financial crimes compliance framework for the new decade, across the three levers of people, process and technology.


    Jun 17 2021


    11:00 am - 12:15 pm


    Tata Consultancy Services


    Tata Consultancy Services