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    FinCrime F***-ups (3): From evolution to foresight thinking in FinCrime

    Complimentary webinar, presented by ACFCS Dutch Chapter

    It is no secret that we all occasionally make mistakes. However, at times these errors have more impact than others. The key is to determine what we learned from these events and how we can share these lessons with others to prevent us from making the same mistakes twice. The ACFCS Dutch Chapter has developed a series of webinars with experts from the field who will share the lessons learned from their FinCrime mistakes. During the series you can look forward to: • Firsthand accounts of lessons learned from FinCrime compliance professionals like you. • An open and safe environment where compliance peers can share their knowledge and experiences. • Insight on what the ACFCS Dutch Chapter offers the professional community. Andrea Wiegman from the FIOD and Patrick Özer from KMPG will be the keynote speakers for the third session of our series. Andrea is a historian and trendwatcher at the FIOD (she has extensive experience with network-trend watching, so she is always looking for experts on topics). Patrick is a Forensic partner at KPMG with a background in Artificial Intelligence supporting a wide range of clients with the prevention, detection and response to fraud and non-compliance. They will share valuable insights and lessons learned on the root causes and occasions of FinCrime. In her role as a trendwatcher, Andrea is researching new developments in FinCrime from a broader perspective – not from data analysis but from a socio-economic, technical, geopolitical or cultural view. In this world, FinCrime is international, very professionally organized and network-based. Smart criminals, new technologies – what is their impact on financial crime? In his investigations or FinCrime remediations, Patrick experiences firsthand how mistakes can lead to fraud, non-compliance or cyber incidents. It is interesting to assess what the role of both human behaviour and technology is in these events. Lessons learned will be shared without breaching confidentiality. In this webinar you will learn: • You will learn about several real-life F**-ups from experts; • You will learn about trends and how to apply these to your FinCrime profession; • You will experience a lively debate from a diverse set of viewpoints; and • You will be encouraged to share best practices and ask questions to both your peers and experts from ACFCS.


    Mar 18 2021


    11:00 am - 12:00 pm


    ACFCS Dutch Chapter


    ACFCS Dutch Chapter