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    FinCrime F***-ups (4): Without a compliance function, would things get wildly out of hand…?

    FinCrime F***-ups (4): Without a compliance function, would things get wildly out of hand…?

    It is no secret that we all occasionally make mistakes. However, at times these errors have more impact than others. The key is to determine what we learned from these events and how we can share these lessons with others to prevent us from making the same mistakes twice. The ACFCS Dutch Chapter has developed a series of webinars with experts from the field who will share the lessons learned from their FinCrime mistakes.  
    During the series you can look forward to:
    • Firsthand accounts of lessons learned from FinCrime compliance professionals like you. • An open and safe environment where compliance peers can share their knowledge and experiences. • Insight on what the ACFCS Dutch Chapter offers the professional community. The Compliance function is the only function in a financial institution which is anchored in the financial rules and regulations and the function is also more and more present in other companies outside the financial world. Why is that? Would everything go wrong if the Compliance officer did not exist? Would management lose the balance between entrepreneurship and protecting the clients and the sector? And what does being a good Compliance officer entail? How to operate and interact in an ever-changing field with strong financial targets and a large playing field of actors like regulators, auditors, management, data engineers, etc.? Erik Reisenweber will take you through the choices he made in his career which made him the professional he is today.  
    In this webinar you will learn:
    • How to interact with stakeholders and use your network in- and outside the company • How to decide on your style as a Compliance officer and discover your strong points • How to operate in stressful situations • How to weigh the different interests in a company in an ethical manner • How to be pragmatic in a strongly regulated environment


    Jun 10 2021


    10:00 am - 11:00 am


    ACFCS Dutch Chapter


    ACFCS Dutch Chapter