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    GOALDIGGER 2021 – Live Goal-Setting Workshop


    We Aren’t Going To Wait For 2021 To Get The Best Of Us. Let’s Set Our Intention For The Rest Of The Year By Putting Our Goals Into Action This Goal Setting Workshop is a great way to jot down some of your goals and really identify what you want to accomplish in 2021.

    Pre-Workshop Instructions

    • Each Registrant Will write down all the goals they have in 2021
    • The registrant will highlight the biggest and most audacious goal on their list

    Workshop Itinerary

    • Each Registrant will have 1 minute to explain what their goal is
    • The registrant will be given an extra 1 minute to describe what type of help they need from the other registrants (i.e. If a registrant’s goal is to be a speaker, they may ask other registrants for connections to local event coordinators or associations that could use their speaking services)
    • Other registrants will take 1 minute that think they can help will write down their suggestions, resources and contact details and submit them to organizers

    Post-Workshop Results

    • Each registrant will be presented with a compilation of all the resources, suggestions and contact details of those that can help them achieve their goals
    This is a rare opportunity to set goals and put them into action with other successful professionals

    The event is finished.


    Sep 24 2021


    4:50 pm - 6:15 pm