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Hamas’s Global Network: Exploring the Terrorist Organization’s Evolving Fundraising Methods

About The Event

Hamas’s global support infrastructure remains resilient – raising, moving, and transferring funds – despite years of pressure under international sanctions.  Terrorist attacks cost little, but significant funds are needed for indoctrination, recruitment, training, supplies, logistics, and weapons.
As attention shifts from cease-fire talks to reconstruction, governments, charities, and financial institutions must be vigilant that assistance does not benefit Hamas, or other sanctioned terrorist groups.
Join Kharon – along with Matthew Levitt, Director, Jeanette and Eli Reinhard Program program on Counterterrorism and Intelligence of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy and Simon Buckett, Director, Integrated Intelligence and Investigations at Standard Chartered Bank, for an in-depth discussion on the new financial methods Hamas is using to strengthen its base. The session will highlight insights from new research, exposing the individuals, entities and networks active today raising and moving funds, often under the guise of humanitarian aid and charity.