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    How to Prevent and Detect Financial Economic Crime in One Modular System


    With financial economic crime on the rise, efficient detection tools are becoming the solution that financial institutions are searching for! Smart organizations are taking advantage of tools that make financial-economic detection effective for their teams whilst complying with KYC and anti-money laundering regulations to prevent fraud. Fectfinder, the newest modular tool optimizes collaboration between risk management, investigators and AI to be fitted to every business’s specific needs and continuously evolves thanks to its cutting-edge technology.

    In this webinar, we demonstrate how to use Fectfinder and explore the combination of rule-based and AI technology as the future of financial economic crime detection. Join us as we delve into what could be your organization’s winning edge! About the speakers: Robin Bakker is an experienced software developer and has designed and developed multiple applications for fraud detection. He is currently the global KYC TM analytics lead at ING. Building solutions that are centred around people with AI as an enhancement is what motivates him. Marcel Boeren has worked for tier 1 banks in the Netherlands and is very familiar with the daily operations and compliance activities of these banks. His passion is designing intuitive workflows that help people during their daily activities so they can focus on developing themselves instead of routine tasks. Ruth Schmidt has a global background in interdisciplinary research and data analytics. She is passionate about helping businesses and organizations gain novel insights into their data and creating innovative solutions for global challenges using data-driven approaches.

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    Sep 19 2021


    9:00 am - 10:00 am