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    Learn How To Improve KYC (Knowing Your Customer) Using Leap Analysis


    Knowing Your Customer (KYC) Has Never Been More Important! Customers are the lifeblood of any business big or small. But how well do you actually know your customers, how they behave, and why? Most customer data is very hard to find, hard to mine, and even harder to use effectively to drive decisions. As companies seek to become more and more data-driven, using technology effectively to know customers, is more and more important. This webinar will discuss what customers are essential, as data entities. We will discuss how you can understand customers in terms of their classifications, attributes, and relationships to other things like transactions, purchases, products, brands, etc. What are some of the formal attributes that all customers have in common and how can you model those things? How do you use those models against your raw data to drive results? Last, how do you run effective queries and analytics to identify specific customers spread across your data, their behaviors, their trends, activities, etc. and ultimately make predictions about them? All of these questions will be addressed in this talk. We will demonstrate in a straightforward way how LeapAnalysis, using its award-winning data science software, is changing the game for companies to more easily know their customers and make critical business decisions about them. Please join us on April 8, 2021, to learn more. Attendees will be placed in a drawing to win a free 2TB external hard drive compliments of LeapAnalysis!

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    Jan 19 2022


    1:00 pm - 2:00 pm