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    Maritime Sanctions Evasion: In-Depth Training for Shipping Industry Professionals

    About this webinar

    Join Kharon for a 90 minute specialized session of in-depth training on maritime sanctions evasion tailored for shipping industry professionals. Broadly, the shipping industry has been increasingly targeted for exploitation by would-be-sanctions-evaders while also facing increased scrutiny by global regulators and law enforcement agencies. In the past year a number of international advisories have been issued from the United Kingdom, United States, the United Nations, and others, providing guidance on illicit shipping and sanctions evasion practices for the global maritime industry. The advisories laid out a number of best practices that could help identify sanctions evasion, including:
    • Institutionalizing sanctions compliance and due diligence programs
    • Knowing your customer
    • Conducting supply chain due diligence
    • Establishing policies around location (AIS) transponders
    • Monitoring ships throughout the life cycle of a transaction
    • Sharing information across industries
    During the 90 minute training, Kharon’s experts will provide real life, never before seen case studies detailing risk scenarios and explain how to adapt associated best practices into your everyday business flow. Additionally, we will highlight underlying methodologies that shipping professionals can use to combat exploitation. The session will also highlight recent global enforcement actions targeting the maritime and shipping sector, examining the impact of sanctions compliance issues and discuss steps to mitigate the associated risks.

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    Sep 24 2021


    3:00 pm - 4:30 pm