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    NFTs And The Future Of Financial Crime

    About this Event

    NFTs AND THE FUTURE OF FINANCIAL CRIME Bitcoin is surging passed all-time highs every day and now smart contracts, Defi and NFTs are all the rage. But as a Compliance, Legal or AML professional, how do you better understand the technology that is revolutionizing the financial ecosystem and completely altering global regulations and guidance The TCAE Crypto Hub is bringing in some of the most tech-savvy Compliance minds in the industry to talk about NFTs and how they could impact our AML investigations and change the way we write our Compliance programs. Learning Objectives
    • We will be talking NFT projects and the different marketplaces.
    • We will find out why FATF included proposed amendments to their guidance around VASPs to specifically include smart contracts, DeFi and NFTs.
    • We will dive deep into the “real” risks that NFTs pose to financial institutions and discover what are some of the traditional money laundering schemes we find with art.
    • We will also discuss what can these NFT platforms do to comply with the Travel Rule and emerging regulations considering them VASPs and thus becoming reporting entities
    The fabulous speakers will include: Stephen Brent Sargeant (Deputy Manager, AML Investigations at Bitfinex) – will bring almost 3 years of cryptocurrency investigation experience to the conversation and talk about potential compliance challenges in the NFT Ari Redbord (Head of Legal and Government Affairs at TRM Labs) with over a decade of USA public sector experience and recent venture into the legal side of Blockchain Analytics, Ari is no stranger to emerging technology and how it relates to Regulation. Rodney MacInnes (COO and AML Compliance Ninja at Outlier Compliance Group) You don’t get to call yourself a Ninja unless you know a thing or two about Compliance. If there is a new technology and an expensive gadget that goes with it, you will find Rodney. Tara Annison (Delivery Management Lead at Elliptic) We literally had to go “across the pond” to bring in this crypto expert. Nothing makes her happier than talking about crypto and blockchain and you will want to bring out the notepad when she starts talking Chris McAteer (Senior Consultant at XReg Consulting) You can’t have a conversation around Compliance and AML and not bring in an AML, Sanctions & DLT Advisor. An advocate for “Mitigating the Unintended Consequences of the FATF Standards”, she will definitely have insights on proposed amendments to FATF guidelines around VASPs. We looking forward to seeing those eager to get a better understanding of smart contracts and NFTS. Don’t even know what an NFT is?? Don’t worry we linked a video for you to better understand.

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    Jan 25 2022


    12:00 pm - 1:15 pm


    Toronto Compliance & AML Events


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