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    Preview of Top 3 AI Use Cases for Financial Crimes and Fraud in 2021

    About this webinar

    Financial Crime isn’t going away. Nor is exposure to criminal entities and fraud. In response to increasing incidences of fraud and the need to offer superior customer experience, financial Institutions have been increasing headcount and scaling up IT resources. These approaches are no longer sustainable. With access to AI tools and advanced analytics, financial institutions can mitigate fraud, offer unparalleled digital client experiences and reduce operational costs. The question then is ” Where and how to get started? ” One of the very first successful applications of AI technologies was in payments fraud management. The technology has since been tested and applied across multiple use cases in financial crimes. In this session, industry experts from IBM share the top 3 use cases where AI can be applied to mitigate financial crimes and why 2021 is the best year to embark on such initiatives. Join this session to learn:
    • Identify and explore top use cases where AI can be applied in financial crimes and fraud management in 2021
    • Learn how AI can augment your legacy systems and pave way for innovative approaches that scale your financial crimes and fraud mitigation efforts

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    Sep 20 2021


    10:00 am - 11:00 am