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    Recruiting, Training & Maintaining a Qualified Anti-Money Laundering Team


    It is of upmost importance for a financial institution to have a trained, skilled, and qualified AML team. This webinar will help you understand why this team in important, how you can recruit and train the team, how you can keep the team at your institution, and how the team can assist your institution with AML compliance.
    Why Should You Attend
    One of the four pillars required of a financial institution is the need to have an adequate BSA program which includes an employee training program. Equally important is the need to recruit the right people for the job and the need to provide an environment that will keep the employee satisfied in their job. All financial institutions must have a defined process in place to recruit a good staff, train this staff, and ensure that the staff is satisfied in their position.
    Areas Covered
    • Should you only recruit from schools and/or other financial institutions
    • What skills do you want to recruit
    • Computer versus self-study
    • Classroom training versus OJT
    • Subjects for training
    • Is good pay the only motivator
    • Is challenging work important
    • How important is room for advancement
    • Types of training
    • Where should you focus your recruitment efforts
    Who Will Benefit
    • BSA/AML Officer
    • Compliance Officer
    • Risk Managers
    • BSA/AML Auditors
    • Bank Training Staff
    • Bank Teller


    Aug 11 2021


    1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


    $179 – $299
    Smart HR Learn


    Smart HR Learn