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    Swiss Crypto Regulation Roadmap

    Our panel of experts will explore Switzerland’s regulatory landscape and the challenges and opportunities for the country’s crypto businesses:

    Updates from the June FATF plenary
    • What are the most notable updates from this year’s meeting? How are they going to affect Swiss crypto businesses moving forward?
    • A lot of attention was placed upon NFTs and DeFi this time around. Have we seen the use of NFTs in money laundering or other criminal behavior?
    • What are the industry’s concerns when it comes to regulating DeFi?
    The Swiss crypto regulatory landscape today
    • What are the most significant pieces of legislation that industry participants should be aware of?
    • Has there been a significant increase in regulatory oversight in the past year? If so, what is driving this?
    • Has there been an uptick in crypto crime in Switzerland?
    The Travel Rule
    • The Travel Rule continues to be a big point of discussion amongst the FATF and global regulators, but the crypto space seems to be having some trouble implementing it. Why is this so difficult within the crypto space, and what are some of the challenges here?
    • Are businesses ready to implement the Travel Rule?
    Swiss crypto regulation now and in the future
    • What are the biggest challenges that Swiss crypto businesses are facing when it comes to compliance?
    • What advice would the panel give to Swiss-based crypto businesses looking to fight crypto crime and comply with local and global regulations?


    Jun 30 2021


    7:00 am - 8:00 am


    Merkle Science


    Merkle Science