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The New Cybercrime Landscape: Global Risks, Regional Trends and Industry Opportunities


Identity trust is playing a pivotal role in fraud prevention as consumers spend record time interacting in a digital environment. Well-networked cybercriminals are leveraging multiple threat vectors to target every point of the customer journey. Is it possible to proactively protect the integrity of your omni-channel ecosystem? Our webinar presents the latest findings from The LexisNexis® Risk Solutions Cybercrime Report, July to December 2020. Join our industry expert for a global overview of the current growth trajectories of global digital commerce and the most pervasive cybercrime trends, including: •    Movement of initial consumer reactions to COVID-19 •    Critical role of customer experience in an omni-channel ecosystem •    Biggest fraud vulnerabilities in your customer journey •    Predominant global cybercrime threats to watch •    Opportunity that exists in trust-based digital interactions Inform your fraud strategy with the latest cybercrime insights. Register for our webinar today.