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    Trouble at Home: Adjusting CTF to Combat Domestic Terrorism

    About this webinar

      It is sad to admit that after fighting terrorists abroad, Americans are now terrorizing each other. In the past months, we have seen an increase in violent attacks led by members of hate groups and radicals on both sides of the political divide. Fortunately, compliance professionals can help spot and stop these deranged individuals. Join this webinar for a deep dive analysis on how AML/CTF can be retooled to prevent mass violence and mitigate terrorist financing risks in the perilous era of domestic terrorism.   Learning Objectives:
    • Conducting strategic exercises such as social media monitoring to uncover indicators of extremism such as hate group affiliations and file SARs as warranted
    • Studying research from FBI and other agencies to identify indicators of terroristic risks such as stalking, domestic violence and workplace intimidation
    • Examining mass shooter case studies to detect financial red flags of potential planned attacks such as credit card usage spikes and unusual munitions purchases

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    Sep 21 2021


    12:00 am - 2:00 pm


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