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    When Relationship Managers Go Rogue: Red Flags in Private Banking and how to address them

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    Private banking is a high-risk proposition during the best of times: High net worth clients dealing in multi-million dollar deals and investments facilitated by their personal relationship manager (RM). But when the RM decides that their profits outweigh the bank’s financial crime compliance controls, bad things happen. Revenue-driven insiders can be one of the most insidious, and difficult to uncover, risks anti-money laundering (AML) compliance professionals and counter-fraud teams encounter and overcome. The reason: these are individuals who have taken the time to learn AML defenses, but not to follow them, to outwit them. But as in any illicit scheme, even one designed to evade risk monitoring and compliance controls, there are red flags that can clue in the bank that a RM has gone rogue. Another solution is to upend the incentive structure and reward profit-focused departments for being an ally of compliance, rather than simply on meeting sales goals. Those and other issues will be analyzed by some of the top minds in the field today. Attendees will learn more about:
    • Red flags for conduct by RMs that is off the grid, off the charts and off the reservation;
    • How banks and other FIs can provide a new incentive structure to manage these risks; and
    • Real-life examples of RMs who assisted clients in evading their bank’s compliance controls.

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    Sep 19 2021


    1:00 pm - 2:00 pm