As a part of The Knowledge Series, Toronto Compliance & AML Events (TCAE) is thrilled to have Kate Grant as our next speaker. Kate is a subject matter expert in the world of financial technology (FinTech) and innovation and will be presenting on the basics of FinTech, where it has been, where it stands, and the places it looks to be heading.

This session will demonstrate that FinTech is far more than just a buzzword and in fact plays a key role in many aspects of contemporary finance, including those traditional financial institutions that are looking for ways to innovate. In addition to this, Kate will be discussing how FinTech is presenting opportunities to detect and disrupt financial crime in new and meaningful ways.

  • What Is FinTech?
Kate Grant, FinTech Expert
Kate is passionate about technology, entrepreneurship and showcasing Canada as an innovation leader globally. With a background in marketing, product, innovation, culture building and strategy, she has successfully helped build early-stage companies in the FinTech sector for most of her career. Prior to starting her own consultancy Magnolia Partners, Kate was Director of FinTech Ecosystem for FinTech Growth Syndicate, an advisory firm for the finance industry. She has also worked with the team at Information Venture Partners, an early-stage FinTech fund and has been an early hire for many successful Canadian startups including Wave Accounting (exit: H&R Block), PowerHub (exit: Bay Wa r.e.) and others.
Currently, Kate also acts as an advisor to the Open Banking Initiative Canada (OBIC), Holt FinTech Accelerator, Innovate Financial Health and multiple early-stage FinTech focused startups across Canada. She is also helping to spearhead an initiative to bring a regulatory FinTech sandbox to Canada and writes a Medium page about FinTech and Innovation.
Souzan Esmaili, Compliance & AML Consultant | Founder, TCAE
Souzan has over 14 years of international experience in consultancy and training with a focus in Regulatory Compliance, Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Anti-Bribery and Corruption (ABC) and RegTech. She worked for various financial institutions and consultancies in Dubai and Toronto. Souzan holds an MBA and achieved certifications such as Certified Anti Money Launder Specialist (CAMS), Post Graduate Diploma in GRC and FinTech Program from Oxford University.
Souzan created the TCAE group with a passion to help and educate the AML and Compliance professionals in Canada.