How Intelligence & Data Sharing Can Help Institution’s Defense Against FinCrime


TCAE is excited to invite Sujata Dasgupta, Global Head of Financial Crimes Compliance at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) to share her insights on the topic FinCrime intelligence sharing. Financial institutions (FIs) across the world have been working in isolation in their fight against financial crimes, while criminals are organized in networks across countries and jurisdictions. Data privacy regulations, e.g. GDPR in Europe & The Privacy Act in Canada, restrict sharing of customer information among FIs without the formers’ consent. While Regulators are working on ways to resolve this conflict, innovative solutions are being conceived to share FinCrime intelligence and data among industry participants for enhanced prevention, detection and risk management of such crimes. In this session, the speaker will explore the challenges and emerging solutions for leveraging shared data and intelligence, and why this will be a significant tool to disrupt fincrimes in the new decade!


  • Understand the significance and impact of interbank collaboration in fighting FinCrime 
  • Challenges in sharing data across institutions
  • Emerging solutions for intelligence sharing


Sujata Dasgupta  |  Global Head – Financial Crimes Compliance Advisory, Tata Consultancy Services

Sujata Dasgupta is a multiple international award winning industry leader, and Global Head of Financial Crimes Compliance Advisory at Tata Consultancy Services Ltd., based in Stockholm, Sweden. She has over 20 years of experience, having worked extensively in the areas of KYC, Sanctions, AML and Fraud across banking, IT services and consulting for premier banks in 7 countries across US, UK, EU, and Asia. She is an accomplished thought leader, author, columnist, and speaker, and is regularly interviewed by reputed international journals for her analysis and opinions on contemporary topics in this area. She has recently been named ‘Risk Professional of the Year 2021’ by Waters Technology, and has also won the ‘Fraud Prevention Award 2021’ from Themis.



Jinisha Bhatt  |  Sr. Fraud Deterrence Analyst, Scotiabank

Jinisha is a Sr. Fraud Deterrence Analyst at Scotiabank and a lifelong learner of human behaviour. She currently lives at the intersection of AML and human rights. Her life and career took a dramatic turn when she discovered a human trafficking survivor – Timea Nagy and her social enterprise. Jinisha vowed to combat human trafficking and modern slavery not just as an imminent issue but also her raison d’être. Jinisha has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS). Apart from Financial Crime, Jinisha is passionate about ballroom dancing, public speaking, writing, and long-distance running.