Success Stories

Success Stories from our Community Members

Souzan and TCAE have been an integral part of my AML career and helped me immensely with my career transition in 2020. I am very grateful to TCAE and it's different initiatives such as the knowledge series, CAMS study groups which played a significant role in my growth journey. Being part of the CAMS study group, not only assisted me with passing my CAMS exam but also helped me to grow my network and be more confident. Souzan also helped me with job search and connected me with my current employer. Thank you Souzan for everything that you do for the Toronto compliance community and best wishes for all your future endeavors!
After a year of effort, Stephen Sargeant and his expertise directly led to me being able to break into a hyper growth industry, cryptocurrency compliance investigations. Before meeting Stephen, I did not have the tools, knowhow, connections, nor the skills to be successful in this industry. Through his guidance, I was able to gain industry-leading certifications, make connections with thought leaders, and ultimately receive a dream career in crypto compliance. I would wholeheartedly recommend any professional to turn to Stephen for aid in finding a new career.
Stephen is an amazing person, an incredibly intelligent professional and a genuinely caring individual. His positive-can- do attitude motivates people to bring their best effort. He is also super supportive and responsive; I can not describe how grateful I am for all the help and support he has given me even before my current role at WorldRemit. Stephen always made me feel there was hope again and encouraged me to keep fighting for my goals and helped me throughout my career search. I can’t recommend Stephen highly enough. His contributions and dedication to the community speak far more to his credibility, than I can.
Stephen's energy and buzz to ensuring he provides the best option within the market is unreachable for many people. He goes the extra mile to ensure he puts the best candidate forward and develops new ones for befitting roles. I have had the rare opportunity of being advised by him about my job prospects and his experience within the space has had the best impact on me getting my desired role. What I love so much about him is his frank honesty, telling you how the industry is like and how he sees things, allowing you to make the right decision and ensuring you don't get trapped into any job just because you desperately need one. He surely is the best in the crypto space.