The Disconnect Between AML/ML and Asset Forfeiture Investigations


TCAE is excited to invite Stephen Scott, international AML consultant and licensed private investigator at S. Scott (AML) and Security Consulting and Aidan Larkin, Chief Executive Officer at Asset Reality to share their insights about asset forfeiture investigations.

In this Knowledge Series Roundtable you will be provided with a description and greater awareness of asset forfeiture as a goal in police investigations. Consideration that state legislated asset forfeiture is a primary driver of law enforcement investigations may encourage reporting entities to add additional and relevant information to the content of STRs. This will add value to police investigations of criminals and those who enable criminals to launder the proceeds of crime in order to deprive them of assets, a certain lifestyle and increase government revenues or compensate victims of crime.


  • Gain greater knowledge of the goals and objectives of law enforcement money laundering and asset forfeiture investigations
  • Get more insight on civil and criminal asset forfeiture concepts and provisions and the resultant law enforcement and government management of forfeited assets thereby increasing buy in to support an AML compliance program and the overall AML compliance regime in their respective jurisdictions
  • Be able to apply the understanding of law enforcement priorities to produce higher quality STRs


Stephen Scott  |  International AML Investigator and Trainer, S. Scott (AML) and Security Consulting

Stephen is currently the sole proprietor of S SCOTT (AML) and Security Consulting. In his role as consultant he works with the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC), Asset Recovery Inter-Agency Network of Southern Africa (ARINSA), and also worked with Alberta Credit Unions and the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service. He retired from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) after 31 years. Stephen specialized in managing and investigating money laundering, organized crime, financial crime and terrorist financing investigations for approximately 24 years. In 2016, he served as a Project Manager in Tanzania as part of a team that provided police training to officers with what is now referred to as the Drug Control Enforcement Authority (DCEA).

Stephen is a public speaker at many AML events in Canada, as well as a designer and facilitator of courses. As an example, at the Canadian Police College he facilitates courses on “Drafting Information to Obtain Search Warrants” and on the “Expert Witness Course”. He served as the Southern Alberta Liaison to the CBSA, FINTRAC and as the Alberta Civil Forfeiture “gatekeeper.” and he is also a member of the RCMP National Expert Witness Program.


Aidan Larkin  |  CEO & Co-Founder, Asset Reality

Aidan Larkin is an experienced asset recovery practitioner & international seized asset manager.

As a former criminal investigator, Aidan is fully aware of the challenges facing international asset recovery efforts (with only 1% of proceeds of crime estimated to be seized globally) and he co-founded Asset Reality to build a solution to deal with seized assets (including crypto assets) more effectively. This enables better compensation for victims, funding of law enforcement and increasing revenue for civil society. From managing and selling seized assets, to developing infrastructure and consulting with public sector bodies, Asset Reality provides an end-to-end solution for the asset recovery sector.

In a personal capacity, Aidan acts as a UNODC Asset Management contractor supporting countries across the globe. He is also a certified cryptocurrency investigator and visiting lecturer on seized assets for the International Anti-Corruption Academy and various universities. He directly consults with Govt Agencies and NFPs, addressing law enforcement conferences & seminars ranging from EU commission assignments to international symposiums around the world and has directly supported international law enforcement activity in Anti-Corruption cases around the world across multiple continents.  

In 2019 he became the world’s first seized bitcoin auctioneer and in his spare time sits on the Board of Directors for Sport Changes Life, a US/Irish charity that helps create opportunities for young people as well as sitting on the Board of various regional Fraud Forums and supporting social enterprises.


Michael Loewen  |  Investigator, Financial Intelligence Unit, Tangerine

Michael is an AML professional with a passion for Open Source Investigations, Intelligence Analysis and understanding patterns within networked relationships.

He has acquired many professional designations, including the Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (ACAMS), Financial Intelligence Specialist (FIS), and Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator (CCI).

His diverse educational background, including Business Administration, Chemistry (Organic and Pharmaceutical), Psychology, and Sociology, has given him unique insight into the innovative and evolving way criminals operate and think.

Michael started out working with MSB’s before joining the Canadian Banking world and working his way up to his current role in AML and Financial Crime Investigations.